Vanderbilt-Ole Miss As It Happened

Larry Smith (VM/Don Yates)

Vanderbilt pulled off a huge, 28-14, win over the Ole Miss Rebels on Saturday afternoon in Oxford, Miss. Don Yates comments on the game as it progresses.

11:05 It's about 95 degrees down by the field.  I hope the team brought plenty of fluids.

11:10 The Ole Miss band if filing onto the field.

11:14 Here comes the Vanderbilt Commodores!! About 500 Vandy fans here.

11:15 Ole Miss comes out to a roaring crowd.


11:21 There's the kickoff.  It's goes into the Reb end zone. 

11:22 Masoli passes for 9 yards on first play.  Not what we wanted.

11:25 Ole Miss forced is forced to punt.  Great stand. 

11:26 Kent gets a nice punt off but there's a flage.

11:28 Vandy starts on their own 22 after 10 yards is added on to punt.

11:29 Norman runs for 8.  Good start! A penalty gives the ‘Dores a first!

11:30 Vandy forced to punt after offense goes stagnate for 3 plays.

11:31 Pooch punt doesn't work too well.  Ole Miss will start at own 26.

11:34 Bolden runs twice in a row for just 1 yard. 

11:35 Ole Miss punts to Vandy 28.  OMG, there's another penalty! What next?

11:36 Vandy starts at own 26 after penalty is marked off. 

11:38 Holding penalty puts Vandy in a hole again.

11:40  There's another darn penalty.  This one for delay of game. What gives? 

11:42 Richard Kent punts to Ole Miss 45.  We are losing the field position war simply because of penalties.

11:44 Masoli runs for 10 yards to Vandy's  45.  Come on ‘Dores!

11:46 Masoli runs for first down to VU 33.

11:47 Nichter  and Stokes get Davis for 2 yard loss

11:48 Ole Miss forced to punt from VU 35.

11:49 OM punt goes into end zone.  It's a touchback to the 20.

11:50 Zac Stacy loses 5 yards on second down.

11:53 Vandy forced to punt yet again.  OM to take over at their own 38.

11:55 Masoli completes pass to Summers for 7 yards.

11:56 Masoli bulls his way to the Vandy 44.  He's got speed and size.

11:58 Bolden for 9 to the Commodore 45.  Is the defense already worn down?

12:00 Masoli  fumble but (was that Fugger) but Masoli gets it back.

End of 1st Quarter  Vanderbilt 0, Ole Miss 0



12:02 Smith pass incomplete.

12:03 Stacy for just 1 yard.  Come on guys!

12:03 Smith sacked for 3 yard  loss.  Got to do better.

12:03 Kent punts to OM 44.

12:05 Vandy tackles Neat for a 2 yard loss.  Defense not giving up.

12:06 Lohr and Richardson sack Masoli  for a loss of 7.

12:08 Ole Miss pins Vandy at the 4 with solid punt.

12:11 Tate gets us to the 5.

12:12 Barden gets us a first down!

12:12 Herdon catch gets VU to their own 32.

12:13 Tate gets Vandy another first down!

12:15 Smith pass to 83 gets VU another first at own 46.

12:15 Smith runs for 5 yards.  Vandy in OM territory for first time.

12:17 Smith swing pass to Norman gets Vandy to OM 35.

12:18 Stacy up the middle for a 35-yard TOUCHDOWN VANDERBILT!  Vanderbilt 7, Ole Miss 0; Clock 7:14.

12:21 Ole Miss crowd silent during timeout.

12:22 Ole Miss returns kickoff to own 30.

12:22 Mosoli nearly intercepted by Casey Hayward.

12:24 Mosoli loses 1 on run.  OM to punt.

12:27 Vandy gets ball at 20 on touchback.

12:27 Smith to Stacy for 9 yards.  On the move again!

12:28 Look at Kennard Reeves go for 6!

12:28 Reeves to VU 47.  First down!

12:30 Vandy at 50 with 3rd and 7.

12:31 Smith pass incomplete on 3rd down.

12:32 Kent punts out of bounds at OM 15.

12:34 INTERCEPTION!!!! Foster for SIX!  21-yard return.  Good guys 14, Ole Miss 0 clock 3:36

12:37 VU squib kicks kick off to OM 36.

12:38 OM already in Vandy territory.

12:39 Masoli to Vandy 34. 

12:40 Ole Miss to Vandy 3 on long pass of 31 yards.

12:42 Moasoli loses a yard to 4.

12:44 Ole Miss 4-yard run by Kovic Neat makes it  Vanderbilt 14, Ole Miss 7 Clock 1:20

1:10 Ole Miss about to kickoff to Vandy.  Halftime was fun.  Neat listening to the good Ole Miss folks grumbling, "we suck!".

Halftime, Vanderbilt 14, Ole Miss 7.



1:11 OM kickoff goes into end zone for touchback.

1:12 Stacy runs to 29 for gain of 9 on first play of 2nd half.

1:12 Norman for a first down Vandy!

1:13 Smith short pass to Cole. 2nd and 5.

1:13 Norman gets 1.

1:14 Chop block puts VU back at own 24.

1:15 Quarterback draw gets 5 yards.  4th and 15.

1:16 Kent punt goes only 37 yards.

1:17 Masoli runs for 1st down at VU49.

1:19 Ole Miss at VU 41.  3rd and1.

1:19 Ole Miss 1st down.

1:20 Bolden breaks for run of 11 to VU 28.

1:21 Masoli nice pass to end zone but receiver drops.

1:24 28 yard touchdown run by Masoli. Under review. 

1:27 Ruled a touchdown.  Vanderbilt 14, Ole Miss 14 Clock 8:34

1:31 Ole Miss kicks off.  Touchback.

1:31 80 yard TOUCHDOWN run by Warren Norman !!!!  Vanderbilt 21, Ole Miss 14 clock 8:22.

1:35 Ole Miss returns kickoff to own 26.

1:36 OM pass to 39.

1:37 Casey Hayward blows up OM reverse for no gain.  Forces 3rd and 8.

1:37 Masoli passes to OM 48.  4th and 1 OM. 

1:38 Masoli runs to VU 31.  Gain of 17. 

1:39 Rush to VU 23.

1:40 Masoli to VU 19 for 1st down.

1:40 Pass to VU 14.

1:41 Ole Miss drops another TD pass. 3 on the day. 3rd and 5.

1:43 Masoli pass incomplete.  Forces 4th down.

1:44 Ole Miss misses 32-goal field goal! Still 21-14 guys in white and gold.

1:47 VU takes over ball at own 20.

1:49 Stacy hurt. Walks off field.

1:49 Tate runs for 13 to VU 42.

1:50 Tate gains 7 on fourth and 10.

1:51 Kent punt downed at Ole Miss 4. 47 yard punt.

1:53 Masoli passes for first down to VU 15.

1:54 Masoli tackled by Kenney Ladler for loss to 4.

End of 3rd Quarter.  Vanderbilt 21, Ole Miss 14



1:58 OM punts to Vandy's 40

2:00 Tate runs for loss of 5.

2:00 Tate runs for 3 3rd down at VU 40.

2:01 Norman runs for 7.  4th and 5.

2:02 Kent punts out of bounds at 14.

2:05 Davis runs to OM 18.

2:06 Masoli run for loss of 1.

2:06 Masoli 23 yard pass to OM 40.

2:07 Double reverse fails for OM.  No gain.

2:09 Ole Miss pass to OM 49.  Gain is 9, now 3rd and 1.

2:11 Davis runs short of 1st down. 4th and 1.  OM going for it.

2:12 Vandy HOLDS!!! Ladler makes the stop.

2:16 Long Smith pass to Stacy overthrown.

2:16 Stacy loses yardage on 3rd down. 4th down.

2:17 Kent's punt downed at OM 7.  Clock: 8:18

2:20 FUMBLE RECOVERED BY VANDERBILT at Ole Miss 15! Stokes caused/ Ladler recovers.

2:21 Larry Smith 15-yard touchdown RUN!!!! Vanderbilt 28, Ole Miss 14 Clock: 8:04.

2:25 Ole Miss kickoff returned to own 23.  Penalty puts them at 14.

2:25 Masoli runs to 8.

2:31 Pass caught by OM for 1st down after review.

2:32 Masoli passes for 1st down.

2:34 Penalty on Ole Miss. 2nd and 15 at OM 37.

2:35 Pass short of first down.  3rd and 8 at 44 of OM.

2:36 Fourth down forced.  VU defense still alive.

2:37 Masoli pass incomplete.  Vandy ball at OM 45!

2:39 Tate rumbles for 5.  Vandy is going to win this!

2:40 Tate for one more.  A first down and Ole Miss is almost done. (clock 2:40)

2:43 Vandy going for it on fourth and 2 and own 37.  Why not?

2:44 Tate gets only 1 yard.  Ball goes over to the Rebs.

2:45 Ole Miss ball at own 36.

2:47 Masoli pass intercepted by Casey Hayward! Seals the deal!

2:48 Vandy in victory formation.  They practiced this at the end of Thursday's practice.

2:49 FINAL: Vanderbilt 28, Ole Miss 14.  It'll be a pleasant week off for the Vanderbilt Commodores! Recommended Stories

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