Memorial Madness 2011

Memorial Madness 2011

On Friday night both of Vanderbilt's basketball team celebrated the beginning of the 2011-2012 basketball season with a fun-filled evening at Memorial Gym. Whitney D. shares these photos from the event.

By 7:30 p.m. a long line had already started to form at the southeast entrance to the gym, wrapping around the corner and running down 25th Avenue.

Meanwhile, inside Memorial Gym, the players on both teams were taking their places in the practice gym for the autograph session with the women's team on the west side of the gym, the men's team on the east side. Meanwhile, athletic staffers were taking care of last minute details and hoping for a great turnout.

As the doors opened at 8 p.m., it was possible to snap a few unobstructed photos of the players at their tables, including this one of Stephanie Holzer, Elan Brown, and Christina Foggie. As the fans streamed into the gym, that became a little trickier.

Soon the practice gym was full of fans winding their way through the gym, waiting in lines for autographs of the most popular players, snapping photos, and chatting with fellow fans.

Fans kept Dai-Jon Parker, John Jenkins, and James Siakam busy through the autograph session.

Jeffery Taylor

At 8:45, the action switched from the practice gym to the darkened main court. First the women's team was introduced, then the men's team. Each player's introduction was accompanied by smoke and fireworks.

Some players danced during their introductions, but afterwards everybody joined in.

Next, came a 3-point contest between two teams, each with one player from the men's team and one player from the women's team. John Jenkins was paired with Gabby Smith.

At the other end of the court, Christina Foggie and Steve Tchiengang were victorious. Afterwards, Dai-Jon Parker defeated Lance Goulbourne, John Jenkins, James Siakam, and Jeffery Taylor in the slam dunk slam dunk context.

John Jenkins

Lance Goulbourne

James Siakam

Next the men's team scrimmaged. Josh Henderson contests a dunk by Festus Ezeli while James Siakam looks on.

John Jenkins and Shelby Moats

Next chances to see the teams are just a few short weeks away. Both teams have one exhibition game, with the men hosting Xavier (La.) on November 11, and the women hosting Clayton State on November 5. Then both teams begin the regular season on November 11, with the women taking on Alabama A&M at 6 p.m., followed by the men's game with Oregon at 9 p.m.

Photos copyright 2011 by Whitney D for Recommended Stories