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Kirchoffer now top of team's heap in strength

Now that Justin Geisinger has moved on to the NFL, there's a new reigning champion in the team's ongoing Strongest Man competition. Who is he? Hints: he wears No. 64, plays left guard, and could be getting his first collegiate start Thursday night. Muscleman Merritt Kirchoffer talks about his strength, and explains why Vandy's 2005 offensive line could be one of its best ever.

In the 13 years Vanderbilt's John Sisk has been coaching strength and conditioning, he's never seen anyone quite as strong as Justin Geisinger. The weight room exploits of the now-graduated Vandy tackle are the stuff of legend. The coaches once stopped Geisinger from bench-pressing more than 600 pounds, saying, "Justin, you've got to stop somewhere." But the Amazing Geisinger has moved on and... Recommended Stories