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Vanderbilt-Ole Miss Post-Mortem

Mac Pyle (VM/Stan Pyle)

Six fumbles, four lost fumbles, a botched punt, and an interception: it's happened before, and it will happen again. Don't listen to me; listen to some of the legendary SEC coaches of all time. General Robert Neyland, Bear Bryant, Vince Dooley, Charlie McClendon, Bobby Dodd, and Red Sanders all commented about the breaks of the game.

They believed the team that makes the fewest mistakes wins.  As a corollary to that statement, they believed in teaching their teams to force the opponents' into making mistakes.   He may have coached Vandy's chief rival, but former Tennessee football coach General Neyland deserves as much credit to making SEC football what it is today as Adolph Rupp did for basketball.  Let's look at General... Recommended Stories

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